Let me apprise y’all about the couple of blogger meet ups I have had so far. I have met only couple of them so far but both have been pretty interesting. Angelo, an active member of the brilliant SEA-EAT blog and Bahraini pundit dropped in during my stay at Bahrain. He chanced upon my blog through the Feedster feeds and immediately emailed me. He seemed pretty impressed with our DesiPundit and kept referring to Ash and I as DesiPundit founders.

I found that amusing and actually gave me an idea of the extent of our blog’s reach. Angelo is not exactly desi but has plenty reasons to be branded as a honorary desi. He is an accomplished MIS geek and fancies Google although technically he still is in college. He has been an active participant in the IIPM blog wars post-showdown phase, digging up information that is ‘publicly available’. Incidentally, he snapped a picture of Ash and I and posted it on his blog thus busting my visual identity secret. But I guess; now I care little so Angelo gets to keep his post intact.

I met up with Dina Mehta, one of the more widely known Indian bloggers in the international blog circles. Although she hasn’t been blogging as long as I thought she was, she certainly has carved a niche for herself and has used her blog adeptly to market her vocation. I hope my urban planning blog follows a similar path. She emailed me as soon as she read my “I am in Khar” post and of course, I didn’t waste any time in contacting her as she is an extremely busy individual.

With her market research skills, she has extended her knowledge to using blogs as social networking tool and even convinced corporates to start blogging. We found plenty of “it’s a small world” links. She offered me some great lemon grass bawa chai, which I enjoyed thoroughly (never say no to chai!). We chatted for almost an hour and a half on the role of blogs, the rise of Indian blogs, the libertarian stranglehold (hehehe; how could we not talk about that behind your back, cartel members?), the future or potential of blogging, personal stories, India’s growing fascination with consumerism, her love for DesiPundit, etc. Overall, it was nice meeting and talking to each other and I think I might talking to her again soon for other professional reasons.

I’ll be definitely meeting up with others soon and I’ll keep updating on other blogger meets.