The papal edict is copyrighted now.

You know it is a fun company when they make official announcements to changes in their web services this way. Delete away!

Panda sex; if that is what you are into.

During a SuperBowl, it is not just the advertising slots that are insanely priced.

Snow White meets Nemo.

Where are the jobs, you ask? All it needs is a cool graphic to tell you.

This just might be the perfect post-Tsunami picture ever.

Finally a watch that tells us time the way we tell it to others. What’s more; it is based on a simple algorithm.

Fifty books that think about the future human condition.

When you think fast food cannot get any more unhealthy, it does.

If any country’s tourism board is listening, I am completely willing to blog my brains out.

News of ExxonMobil’s projected $32 billion profit (holy crappola!) in 2005 has inspired a hilarious parody video.