This is hilarious. It seems PTV, Pakistan’s state-run television channel muted the Indian national anthem whenever it was played at the victory ceremonies at the Commonwealth Games 2006. I am not sure if that is true but if it is, I can only pity the poor Pakistanis who kept away from the ‘evil’ of Indian athletes winning the gold or from hearing our national anthem. Wait, there is more. They blanked out the entire section of the Ceremony when India presented their welcome performance for the next Commonwealth Games (2010) in Delhi. How paranoid can you get especially in this age of ubiquitous information via the Internet.

Word has come through that after blocking last month, the Pakistani authorities had blocked Wikipedia, the online treasure-house of information for a while. But it seems that  they have lifted the block for now. What was that? A test run? I am not sure where Pakistan is headed but I am sure it isn’t the right direction. Will it be Dubya’s next target to ‘spread democracy’? Nah! they are good friends as of now; we have to wait for the knife in the back.