Well, its never too late to wish fellow planetizens a hopeful Earth Day

Earth Day

(source: EnergyStar)

Apparently, Walmart is flirting with being green. So is the tide turning? Google is doing its part by joining forces with Scholastic to distribute lesson plans and a contest for middle-schoolers. What am I doing this Earth day? Well, I am trying hard to compose a PowerPoint presentation for my Sustainable Urbanism class on Post-Hurricane Contaminated Land Remediation and Debris Management Solutions. Does that count for something? Ash was out for the day on a field trip for her Environment and Water Management class so she might have has some pictures for you later.

The EPA participated in Earth Day celebrations at Imagine it! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. That’s right! Catch them young. Slate has an excellent picture gallery. Microsoft flipped the switch on their new solar electic system. Try and calculate your ecological footprint to get an idea of the impact of your presence on this planet. I take up above 14 acres (U.S. average is 24 acres) but yet I could do with lot of improvement. Here are some organizations that think and act green.

Heck, churches are getting in the act too. Bush kicks off Earth Day by riding his mountain bike and “enjoying god’s gifts to mankind.” The long convoy of SUVs and off-road vehicles carrying his guards and medics didn’t exactly help the cause. Although he did admit that ‘hydrogen is the fuel of future.’ Now we have to see what does he think of that on days that aren’t celebrated as Earth Day.

Unfortunately, oil prices are hitting an all-time high (in recent times) at $72 75 (!) per barrel thanks to the unpredictability of Iran-Rest of the world nuclear standoff and supply constraints in Nigeria due to local conflicts. But on the flip side, people just might drive less. Confused has some thoughts on an individual’s role for protecting the environment and takes a practical look at how conservation can become part of our lives. Arzan has a nice list of Earth Day events. I am also glad that the ‘brown’ mutiny is also green and has some useful suggestions for us all:

  • When buying a car, think about buying a hybrid- you can even get a hybrid Lexus these days.
  • When driving to work, think about taking a buddy and using the carpool lane. Even better, take public transportation.
  • Check with your local energy company to see if you can sign up for green power as your electricity source (most companies offer this).
  • Drink organic beer.
  • When getting your daily coffee at Starbucks, ask for fair trade coffee (if they don’t have it on tap, they are obligated to french press it for you).
  • Make sure to vote environmentally and you let your elected representative know what environmental legislation is important to you.
  • And of course, recycle. Compost if you can.

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