Lying to maintain peace

For the first time, Sharad Pawar has admitted, on record, that he had “deliberately misled” people following the 1993 Mumbai blasts by saying there were 12 and not 11 explosions, adding the name of a Muslim-dominated locality to show that people from both communities had been affected [source].

He says, he did it to maintain peace and to keep Hindus from retaliating. But does that make it right? If this is one lie he is willing to admit, how many other lies are politicians concealing?

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  • Same Difference

    how many other lies are politicians concealing?

    Who knows!!! Could be two, could be three!!

  • :)

    secular explosions. :))

  • Vi

    Frankly, I’m not surprised. -_- Although one can understand the motive behind the lie, it doesn’t mean that it can be forgiven.

  • Sameer

    The same reason why all the news channels here seem to mandatorily show footage of muslims helping the victims in the aftermath of every terrorist strike in India.

  • Sophie

    Nothing is at it seems of course.
    Like this war by proxy and deceit.

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