Dashed hopes and failed promises looming under the shadow of an excuse of making the worst decision of your life under the pretext of vulnerability. The idea of standing up to believe in the truth and refusal to continue the compromise lends credence to the belief that the future holds a promising tomorrow. Trying to be an individual when you have always been the team player who lets others’ wishes take precedence is another attempt to redefine yourself, albeit willingly. Breaking an over hyped human organ and be the cause of gloom may not be my forte but inevitability does creep up uninvited. Be the bad guy when others had always expected you to be the perennial do-gooder.

Knowing very well that the future can be bleaker than the dark compromising past and yet having the courage to take a definite stand can be a daily struggle, only dulled by time. Being completely aware that your solitary battle against the unconvincing looks and thoughts of your loved ones can sometimes falter your steps. Never having to get up every morning ruing your decision and living with it because it was socially the correct thing to do can be a burden off your conscience but can instead put that burden on someone else.

Putting on a false facade and hiding your inner turmoil can turn the tide in the short run but eventually returns to drown you in the long run. It makes you the person who can never envision yourself as, bringing out the shades of spite that you never thought yourself to be capable of.

But the sudden rush of freedom and unmasking of the pretentious doubtful façade can be your greatest joy and the feelings of anguish, disappointment, sorrow and anger that you have wrought upon others can be your greatest downfall. But yet you hang on there, biding your time, waiting for a cheerful tomorrow in the hopes that your worst fears will one day be vindicated and bring back others to your fold.

You may never understand what I am talking about but then that is why they have coined the phrase “Samjhdaar ko ishaara kaafi hai”

PS.Alpha, Yogu and Star…no brownie points for you guys for guessing (and others, this, by the way is no guessing game either) what this might be about but tolerate this rant one last time.