Barack Obama just announced his candidacy for the President of the United States. He delivered a powerful speech on the steps of the historic Illinois capital where incidentally Lincoln gave the famous speech before the Civil War. Remember (once again), I had predicted this moments after his Democratic Convention speech in 2004.

The speech was powerful and inspirational, as expected and strangely also included references to laying down broadband lines all over urban and rural America. His official website, has a warm fuzzy web 2.0 feel and in line with his “This campaign is about You” theme, offers <insert your name here> URL. So a Presidential candidate readily jumps on the social networking bandwagon. Such a concept earlier in 2004 brought erstwhile unknown Howard Dean into the limelight. The word ‘blog’ is right up there next to his announcement video. Obama is certainly hoping to harness the power of ordinary citizens if he hopes to win the nomination.

The campaign website actively promotes using Web 2.0 tools like Facebook, Partybuilder, YouTube, and Flickr and displays their buttons on the website footer.