The death of Asides only means that it is time to bring back Linking Park. Enjoy!

If men could menstruate. Ah! We’ll boast about anything.

Forget the mile-high ambition, aim for the X-ray. Georgetown Visual Arts student Delvoye presents the X-ray kiss. More X-ray visuals [NSFW?]

The original master of satirical journalism is going viral with videos. This might be the best thing since the proverbial sliced bread.

Having trouble keeping up with your favorite Heroes characters and their constantly evolving associations? Fret not, character map to the rescue.

Perhaps all that the moral police need is some sleep. We all would be better off if they sleep forever.

Take a ride on the solar(battery)-powered walking chariot [YouTube link] complete with saarthi Bush. Wonder what kind of Bhagvad Gita that would result in.

Find your place among the absolute geeks [GIF image]. FYI, I didn’t make the cut.

Top 10 modern delusions as listed by Francis Wheen. So naturally, many market-hating ‘delusions’ make the list. Agree or not, the list is food for thought.

Just when you were thinking those 3600 dpi color prints won’t do. For now, you can start off with chocolate and cake frostings.

Shift happens. Created by Karl Fisch and modified by Scott McLeod, this video hits you with enough stats to numb your information overloaded senses.

Want a permanent data storage medium? Use that bacteria’s DNA. Now where did the hell did I keep my bacteria?

Strom Thurmond and Al Sharpton are related. I knew the hair looked familiar.

An ingenious (and simple) contraption that would let you doze off in peace from Churchgate to Virar in a crowded local.

“I love music, I love dancing, I love engineering” – Pjotro. Try the random button for maximum fun.

Library UnSuggester. Gives you a list of books based on a book you didn’t like. Try A Roy’s The God of Small Things. Hilarious choices!

Almost 215 million (or 72%) Americans are ‘scientifically illiterate’. I wonder what are the numbers for India.

A Digg-like social news media site launched by Microsoft is getting some success. Location, location, location works on the web too?