Live Online Streaming Cricket World Cup Frauds

If you are an avid cricket fan located outside the Indian subcontinent (and trust me, there are plenty of us), you have been searching high and low to get decent options for live online streaming videos for the Cricket World Cup.

As Chetan mentioned, this is a huge potential market waiting to be tapped and ICC messed up royally by not exploring a decent webcast deal with one of those sites with a sturdy webserver. The expat and student community are willing to shell out money if they are assured of a reliable service. We don’t even mind a few commercial between the overs. But as you know, when there isn’t a viable legal option, there are plenty of illegal and scrupulous providers who’ll milk this flood of searches for all its worth. I’m listing a couple of websites that you should stay away from:

Live Cricket Webcast by Tamilar – This site is a classic example of misleading readers and visitors. There is no option for watching the matches live and instead just feature a scoreboard. Also, they ask for ‘donations’ to keep the site running. I’m sure you know you’ll never see your money if you donate in hope of getting a free streaming link. Also, the site is chok-a-blok with ads that implore you to click. A smart visitor wouldn’t but most web visitors aren’t smart. This dude even spammed my comment box with links which I promptly deleted. the site also links to other sites which place misleading Adsense ads.

Action8Cricket – I believe this is an offshoot of the above site or vice versa. They use the same ‘donation’ tactic. They ask for $10 to send a ‘special live streaming software’. I received an angry email from one of their visitors warning me off their website because he lost his money. The link for ‘watch live cricket online’ smartly embeds a Google Video which itself gives you an illusion that you might get the same once you pay up.

Current-Teams-Playing-Deepthi-dot-com: If you want how not to use Adsense ads, this is a perfect example. Also, it doesn’t offer any current matches. It is basically a match report site…of outdated matches. But the site has smartly put keywords in their page title that gets them readers.

No links offered for obvious reasons. Note that these sites pop up at the top of any Google search for Live Streaming Cricket World Cup so chances are that they’ll continue to get readers but since now this blog comes up occasionally on the front page of such searches, I hope readers will be warned. If you notice, the title of your site/post makes all the difference. It contains all the keywords that web surfers will look for. I hope that works in case of this post too and warns readers off those cheats. Now, there are some sites which offer you seemingly legal and reliable live cricket webcast service.

Dish Network which offers a conventional TV package also includes an online option (via Willow TV) that lets you watch a streaming version on your PC. But the brainiacs at Dish thought it wise to restrict that streaming option only for your home PC. Arzan found that the hard way and is now trying to find a tech workaround

[update: he has worked out a cool fix that involves TV Tuner card, VLC Media Player, and a network router]. Now, why the hell would you want to watch a streaming version at home when you have it on TV?

You need not sign up for Dish Network if you prefer only a streaming version. You can directly sign up with Willow TV which is offering a World Cup package for the World Cup for $199.95. They offer you a test clip to check if your system and Internet connection is compatible. Dial-up connections, of course will not work.

I’m looking for a decent streaming option but have failed to come up with anything so far. So I’m relying mostly on IndiCast’s Live Skypecast which at least is fun. Let me know if you find anything.

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  • Ranjan

    How about ?

    These guys are simply using Twitter technology at the background… so u really get all updates to any mobile on planet… weneva i’m not in TV, i’m happy that World Cup follows me on my mobile…


  • Ranjan

    and hey i forgot…

    its all ABSOLUTELY FREE (irrespective of ur mobile network/country u live in)… if u have a twitter account, jus “FOLLOW CRICTIMES”… u’re done… otherwise… u got to send 3 messages to their UK number to get this stuff activated… daz hardly like Rs.9 on an airtel connection…

  • Patrix

    Ranjan, I guess mobile score updates aren’t a problem. I was specifically addressing the problem of live streaming telecast which most of us would like to see. But thanks for that link.

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  • Madhat

    Sopcast usually has a channel streaming the match when the match is being played. Not very reliable as you have to depend on some bloke to be kind enough to stream it.

  • The Piker

    see orkut scrapbook.

  • Prashant

    If you’r willing to shell out $100 then head on over to

    Been watching it hooked up to a big screen all morning.

    Now only if the guys perform. The minnows are treating the test players like a bunch of school boys!

    Looks like Pakistan is on its way to being the first casuality of this WC. Is India on next?

  • Patrix

    Madhat, Yup! I had recommended Sopcast earlier too but as you mentioned, it isn’t reliable.

    Piker, Thanks. But with India playing so pathetically we may not have to search for streaming links for too long :)

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  • Chetan

    Mannerless, which I mentioned earlier, is now pointing to SEO sites. Everyone wants to make some money of out this interest. Only, the really interested ones are getting stuffed. This is really not good news.

    Also, I noticed that people are trying to pimp their sites in comments — for 50 dollars only, and such — I’m marking those as spam. No credibility and not reliable, most definitely fraud.

  • Patrix

    Chetan, it is indeed unfortunate that earning a quick buck seems to trump everything in this matter. As you mentioned, ICC really missed a grand opportunity to earn money as well as to provide quality service to its fans. Admittedly, we have Google Ads too and are making money but at least we are offering useful content.

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  • Suyog

    Well the general desi mentality is to first “hunt” for free links – so whatever ICC does or however cheap it makes them, desis will always be desis :D.

    Maybe as students, it can be justified, but as professionals in corporate I find it ridiculous and cheap that desis resorts to “free cricket links” to watch matches (And I know so many ppl who would spend 100$ on weekends partying but fill find 199$ for entire package very very expensive…never can understand that mental thought)

    I think what ICC / Willow could have done was to allow viewing match per match basis, or follow a particular team’s path… obviously they would not rake in as much moolah, but it would still have been a better option than forcing its viewers to buy all 54 matches.


  • Patrix

    Suyog, I couldn’t agree more. Desis tend to look for a free ride and even the ones earning the big bucks won’t buy a legal license if they get a pirated one even after a lot of trouble. Anyway, Dish had offered a Super 6-onward package at half rate last time around. Dunno why they don’t have it this time. Pay per view would have been a good idea too.

  • Hamish Stevens
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  • karan

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  • Ali

    what about
    free live cricket streaming here