Google takes a step closer to establishing a monopoly over web services. They have acquired Feedburner, the ultimate in feed management for $100 million. Although Feedburner has less than half a million publishers that use its services to redirect feeds, Google has plenty to gain from their subscriber counts and Feedburner Advertisment Network that monetizes your feeds.

Google-burner I agree with Amit (Digital Inspiration) that I feel a wee bit uncomfortable with Google’s increasing monopoly especially regarding monetizing options on the web. It is akin to putting all your web revenue options eggs in one basket. Google decides to piss on you and you literally vanish off the web. I understand they operate through a free market mechanism and we are free to go elsewhere if we feel queasy but honestly, there aren’t any viable other options. I guess I’ll just take my chances and hope for the best.

Feedburner is one of my favorite services that I use for this blog and DesiPundit. As I am a complete stat whore, I love the way it keeps a tab of my RSS subscribers through the Feedburner Replacement Plugin [modified version]. Heck, I even sport a Feedburner sticker on my laptop cover. So Google, please don’t mess with a good product and don’t be evil with my data.