Thanks to Marios Alexandrou’s recommendations, I have been implementing some search engine optimizing techniques (SEO) on this blog. At times, I have gone overboard and have had to reverse few changes. But overall, I’ve settled for a decent structure that helps in making this blog search engine friendly at least to some extent.

Some treat SEO as an evil tactic on the Internet and they are partly right. Unscruplous webmasters or consultants use SEO strategies to boost deceptive content on search engines skewing results in their favor. Increasing their website visibility in spite of lack of (quality) content through techniques like link swapping or keyword stuffing has almost ruined it for the rest of us. In less harmful ways, people write posts to attract the social networking sites like Digg or Reddit in a practice that is now referred to as linkbaiting. So you might ask, why even indulge in search engine optimization? If your content is good, it will naturally rise to the top, eh? Unfortunately in an ideal world it would but we don’t live in one. And also by that logic, we wouldn’t have to advertise at all because if our product is good, people will buy it, right? Well, at least on the web it isn’t that bad and crazy wacky websites have spread like wild fire through word-of-mouth and linking.

My take on search engine optimization is that if you believe your content is useful and would help other people then you should take at least minimal efforts to promote it. Don’t give me the spiel that you write for yourself because if you would, you would be doing it in a Word file. If you are indeed writing for a select personal audience like your family or close friends, then skip this post. But often bloggers write content like book and movie reviews or political or social opinion that needs to be heard outside of your immediate social network. If you believe that your opinion matters or you need to share those tips you found on free online streaming cricket then there is no harm in promoting your content. Do your bit and if Google thinks you deserve to be up there in search rankings, you will be.

I have been trying some techniques out for the past couple of months and have been meaning to share them. But I don’t want to pass on any half-baked recommendations and hence am trying them out first. I hope to share the many tips I have learnt in this process but will spare you the torture of a long winding post and instead break it up into series of posts scattered sporadically among other regular posts on this blog. I like to call those techniques making your blog search engine friendly instead of the popular term optimization. You cannot simply ‘optimize’ your blog and instantly have a stream of traffic coming in unless you have adequate quality content and a sizeable amount of inbound links. Of course, implementing some changes even if your blog is new will save much effort later. And, I assume you are blogging on your own domain and are using WordPress.

Feel free to write to me if you have had any positive experiences or tips and I promise to include them in my subsequent posts on making your blog search engine friendly.