Google finally gathered up enough courage to pull the plug on its video service. Basically, if you have a video purchased from Google Video then Google’s DRM will disable it permanently the next time you log on to the internet (which you have since you are reading this post so it might already be too late). But wait, not all is lost.

Google will provide you a complete refund of your money. Nope, not in cash but a credit on Google Checkout service which hasn’t taken off that well either. So what refund will they give the users if Google Checkout fails? An Adwords credit? or will it be free Gphone minutes?

The whole definition of ownership is being challenged by turning off videos that people own and have paid for. Call me old-school but when I buy something it’s mine. Nobody should be able to take it away from me and giving me a $2 refund on a service that I have never used doesn’t fly. I think they should have provided users with an option to receive their refunds via cheque, Google CheckOut credit, Paypal credit, or even credit my credit card.

The actual google email can be read here.