India is considered to be lethargic when it comes to Internet technologies but in the past couple of months social media has picked up quite well. Being part of the Indian social media scene, I am seeing some very brisk activity going on in this area and I am not just referring to Indicast here. Yesterday, Abhishek & I were invited by a big regional print media house to help them understand this new medium. I am not giving out their name since I am not sure if they would want me to starting writing about it. But it shows that the traditional media is waking up to it and are ready to accept and make it part of their business.

Rediff has set the tone by launching the iShare as well as a new online music talent discovery website called anEcho. I am still trying to figure about the details about the anEcho service and will sure post a review of iShare as well as anEcho soon.

And while I am writing about Indian social media, here is something an Indicast listener emailed me. What’s up India has released 3 episodes so far and the comments on their Salman khan episode on their YouTube channel has a few good arguments from the Salman fan club!! Another vidcast from India can be found at Swajana.