The Twenty20 cricket tournament is underway and fans outside India are desperately seeking options to catch the action online. Although the live streaming telecast options still remain limited, the scorecard market is opening up. The regular news sites like Times of India and Rediff that have constantly updating scorecards but I noticed something familiar in the Google Search today. If you search for “live cricket”, Google shows the latest score of currently ongoing cricket matches (I’m glad they call it matches instead of games).

A link takes you to a detailed scorecard over at Cricinfo which I assume has partnered with Google. This Google feature is quick and to-the-point and keeps all those flashy pesky ads on Indian portal sites away. An open window with a search engine might seem innocuous at your workplace too. One downside – it doesn’t refresh automatically. By the way, IndiCast has the live commentary of the currently ongoing India-Pakistan match. Hopefully India recovers from that pathetic score shown in the screenshot.