U.S. Army Recruitment Brochure

I received this U.S. Army recruitment brochure today in the mail. Probably it is an indication of the Army not able to meet its recruitment goals that they are going the Bed, Bath, and Beyond way by junk-mailing people. At least I am more likely to shop at BB&B than join the U.S. Army. Of course, they may have obtained my address from either the Social Security Administration or my University records.

If it is the former, I have never understood the disconnect between the immigration department i.e. the BCIS (formerly INS) and the other federal departments that directly impact the immigrants i.e. IRS and SSA. Why would the Army send out a recruitment brochure to a non-citizen unless of course, they want to entice me with an offer for citizenship by first serving in the Army. I’m told that many immigrant in fact do choose to take up on that option. In times of unpopular and clearly mismanaged wars, I don’t necessarily see that as a good thing.

Anyway, that brochure promptly landed in my trash although on the backside, they offered to send me a free backpack if I filled out a card asking for more information. Yeah , right!