FireFox 3 aims for a World Record

While FireFox 3 RC1 has been receiving praise widely, I rather wait for the final version which is expected mid- to late-June. I’ve been looking forward to this release a lot primarily in hope that this version resolves the memory leak problems in the current version that makes the browser very sluggish at times and even prone to frequent crashes. I’ve even had to resort to using *gasp* Internet Explorer at times.

Meanwhile, the Mozilla Foundation is promoting the upcoming release by attempting a Guinness World Record for the most software download in 24 hours during Download Day. I didn’t need a request for a world record to make the pledge (2,611 people have pledged so far). Go make a pledge and return later to download your copy of the latest version of the browser. The official date for the launch of FireFox 3 hasn’t been announced yet because they are preparing for the release of RC2 this Tuesday.

Comment via Twitter

  • Supremus

    Firefox is quite over rated in my opinion. I hope just because they want to update to “3” they don’t end up making it bloatware.

  • Kuttan

    I have been using FF3 since beta 1 and I should say its pretty fast and stable. You could start using it right away some of your old plugins might not work with it yet.

  • Lekhni

    I am using Firefox 3 beta 5. I used to have a lot of crashes in Firefix 2.x, but this one has been much better – no crashes that I can remember..

  • Amit

    Yeah, I experienced some crashing with FF 2.0 too couple of months ago, though it stopped recently. But enjoying FF 3.0 right now. Slight learning curve, but overall, it’s an improvement.

  • Patrix

    Supremus, Firefox has its issues but I wouldn’t call it overrated. And if you use it in plain vanilla flavor without any add-ons, it is pretty stable but of course, we net junkies like the world’s information at our fingertips and FireFox’s add-ons give us that joy (and distress).

    Kuttan, incompatibility with plugins is one of the reasons I’m waiting for the final release.

    Lekhni, good to know.

    Amit, dang! Everyone seems to be ahead of the curve. I’m a pragmatist rather than an early adopter so guess will wait for a couple of weeks more.

  • Amit

    Patrix, I actually installed it after I read about it here. :)