Convert FireFox to a Social Networking Browser

FireFox v3.0 released a few hours ago and as promised, it definitely seems faster and less of a memory hog than its predecessor. I already had a taste when I installed its release candidates. Also, if you were attracted to another browser, Flock for its social networking capabilities, Keith D’Souza at Techie-Buzz offers excellent advice on installing just the right add-ons to your FireFox browser to Flock-ofy it. I already use and Stumble Upon toolbars that has helped make my bookmarking more prolific without consuming too much time and distracting me from my browsing or online reading.

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  • Supremus

    @100Mb memory vs 110Mb that it used to consume first…. a slight improvement ;). Have been running for a while, definitely seems a bit faster. Will be interesting to see how it works on my MAC – the mac firefox has always been a horribly slow and buggy.

  • Aditya R

    I thought Stumble Upon to be the biggest distraction there is to online reading. :)

  • Patrix

    Supremus, alright I haven’t calculated how much fast it is but as far as I’m concerned it definitely is an improved version.

    Aditya, how so? How much time does it take to click the ‘I like it’ thumbs ups button. No pop-up windows either. I was talking about bookmarking links and not using it to find new material.