With a million cameras hovering around every Olympic event, there are bound to be a billion pictures floating around on the Web. Boston.com’s The Big Picture photoblog is a big hit with photo enthusiasts and their Olympics wrap-up photo spread does not fail to disappoint.

For every moment of triumph, there are several other moments of loss that aren’t given their due. The Guardian captures the weird moments from the Olympics complete with snarky comments [via]. Don’t miss the Abhinav Bindra photo although he did end up with the gold. Also, check out this awesome interactive 360-degree panoramic photo of the Water Cube’s interior from atop the 10m diving platform. Peer down at the water too. Arvindblogs points me to this equally amazing panoramic view of the iconic Birds Nest (National) Stadium taken just before the 100m race.

If you found yourself scratching your head about some obscure reference to Olympics history by the commentators, Jason Kottke does a fine job of collating some of the noteworthy moments to remember from previous Olympics including Nadia’s perfect ten. I’m sure there are umpteen photo essays out there. Feel free to share your favorites.