Egg Tossing at Obama

Barack Obama is rocking all college campuses in the United States. Except perhaps BYU (in Utah) and my university, Texas A&M. Located in conservative heartland of Texas, most student ‘conservatives’ are morons at best and an insult to the conservative movement. The student newspaper, The Battalion is a prime example of a bad student newspaper and lacks journalism ethics. No wonder it was major news in national circles when the local newspaper, The Eagle endorsed Obama. The comments on that editorial make Rediff Comments look innocent and erudite. I have mostly kept away from student activities here primarily due to such attitudes.

The most recent incident was shocking given the political climate and goes to show the rank immaturity of the conservative student body. The MSC Plaza hosted this despicable egg-tossing Anti-Obama Carnival. I find one of the images that of a black football player standing in front of the poster quite arresting. Mind you, this is a town that worships football players most of them black and you would think this would dispel many myths. There have been other Democratic nominees but none has generated this much hate as Barack Obama. I wish the students at Texas A&M would grow up to see the world that lies beyond your farmland. No wonder 23% of you think that Obama is a Muslim in spite of his much-publicized pastor scandal.

Update: To the university’s credit, we received the following message from the President late last evening:

To the Aggie Family:

One of the fundamental and most important rights that we have as Americans is freedom of speech — and this is a right that we firmly support here at Texas A&M University. As a native of Cuba, I personally understand the consequences of not having the right of free speech, or the many other freedoms that we, as Americans, so often take for granted.

The recent actions of the small group of students at Rudder Plaza claiming to make a political statement concerning the presidential election have been widely interpreted as being much broader — and certainly contrary to the core values of Aggies everywhere. Here at Texas A&M, respect is one of our core values that are fundamental to being an Aggie. We should always respect each other, each other’s opinions, and express our own opinions in a respectful way (emphasis mine).

Political disagreement is to be expected, particularly as election day nears, but it can — and should — be addressed in respectful dialogue. This was certainly the case when the Texas Aggie Democrats and the Aggie College Republicans conducted a joint program earlier this week under the auspices of the Student Conference on National Affairs (SCONA), which is sponsored by the Memorial Student Center.

Aggies have a long and proud tradition of honor and respect for one another, for our school and our state and nation — and are so recognized and admired. We must do nothing to tarnish our reputation.

I strongly encourage everyone in the Aggie Family to respect the opinions of others, especially if you disagree with them. Even more importantly, I urge you to express your opinions and ideas in a respectful way, as they can serve to enrich the educational environment here on our campus. Let’s respect each other, for that is what Aggies do.

Elsa A. Murano, PhD

Although she didn’t explicitly denounce the incident because of first-amendment issues, I think she successfully distanced the university away from this distasteful incident especially in the bolded statement above.

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  • Supremus

    Uggghh… this is disgusting. I have never liked Texas anyways; this doesnt give me any hope that it will improve any time hehehe!!!


  • Rhucha

    This is a sad incident..I live in Arizona which is hardcore red state. Anti Obama comments have been quite common. But last year when there was huge issue of a radio channel making anti Obama comments (really hateful) in the ASU campus bus, ASU took action due to the student complaints and stopped all radio activity on the bus. There was huge hue and cry by the radio person and and he had agitation on ASU campus calling for Freedom of Speech.
    I feel most of people who keep voicing about the amendments hardly understand the thought and reasons behind them. As a student of public affairs I feel like shouting and saying go back and read the constitution and understand it. Nonetheless no one really cares about what Obama proposes, his policies and reasoning behind that. I wonder how many even try to read the candidates web sites and read the actual policies they have to offer. Most of it goes like “If FOX says so I accept it”. I see it as a failure of democracy.

  • Patrix

    @Supremus: College Station is a pretty conservative university town and such behavior although despicable is not too surprising.

    @Rhucha: I would assume the home state of John McCain would definitely be hating Obama even more for spoiling their party. The latest polls however show Arizona within striking distance for Obama. Chances are that he won’t pull it off but wouldn’t it be great if he could.

  • Rhucha

    I need to check it out although I understand many republican voters are not quite happy with McCain’s choice of the running mate. I recently watched news where many of the voters said they would vote for Obama.

  • Ashutosh

    It’s despicable. Such incidents simply demonstrate group solidarity and make people want to be part of the group. Group solidarity often puts rationality to rest.

    My dream is for this election to look like the Reagan-Mondale election but in reverse. I know that’s not going to happen, but that would be great, as would Obama winning Arizona as you mentioned. As Rhucha mentioned, McCain definitely put many nails in his coffin when he chose Palin.

    Frankly, even if Obama wins with 51% and McCain gets 49%, I will still be appalled if happy. I would be comfortable only with at least a 60-40 margin. Let’s see.

  • Patrix

    @Rhucha: Now that would be a pleasant surprise if Arizone turned blue.

    @Ashutosh: True. I’m rooting for a landslide win too. Add in a 60-seat Senate and it would be perfect. Currently the polls indicate an Obama landslide. I just hope they are right.

  • m

    just goes to show that ignorance is willing to flaunt itself- and that in itself is true ignorance.

  • GaBunnie

    As to the Mormon comment, they are christians too, and number two how about that other constitutional right we all have??? FREEDOM OF RELIGION…many people seem to forget that one. Not all colleges support obama, you are full of it, because honestly people who have a BA or BS or a four year degree tend to vote CONSERVATIVE. yes it is true. Go and look up the demographics if you do not believe me. Shows me that you must be drinking instead of studying

  • karla

    it is a shame that students can’t grow up or just get over the fact that obama is already president for the next four years. although, this was ignorance of those students in the egg toss and they are in freaking college….grow up already…oh well but for the record not all students are like that…

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