This is the complete story of what exactly happened on 26 November 2008 when a bunch of terrorists attacked Mumbai. Commissioned by Channel 4, UK, award-winning filmmaker Dan Reed gets access to some highly classified never-seen-or-heard-before material. Terror in Mumbai tells the story of what happened when 10 Muslim gunmen held one of the world’s busiest cities hostage; killing and wounding hundreds of people while holding India’s crack security forces at bay.

[Source: MOB Magazine]. Forget all those ‘Never Forget 26/11’ tributes or candlelight vigils. All we need to do is to watch this amazing hour-long documentary (download, share, save, and get angry)  on what exactly transpired on that fateful day and ask questions of our political netas as what have they done in the past year to prevent such a tragedy. If the answer is silence, I would like our news channels to be silent as well; they already have done enough damage. If the news media cannot live up to its basic duties and responsibilities of speaking truth to power and asking uncomfortable questions then we aren’t interested in your disaster-porn exclusive coverage because journalism it is not. Indian news channels refuse to show this documentary lest it raise awkward questions about their role in the tragedy and unfortunately, it took an outsider to make this documentary. The media may get higher TRPs but respect, I’m afraid not. If only the media knows how and which questions to ask but all we are concerned with are Shashi Tharoor’s tweets and Raj Thackeray’s tantrums.

All those holding any kind of positions during the 26/11 attacks are back in the same positions after a brief hiatus (remember that looney, R.R. Patil?) But then why would anything change? After all, we had an election in the year gone by and people of the city voted for more of the same. So I guess all we can do is hold candlelight vigils, thank those unfortunate souls for standing in the line of fire and getting killed, and be thankful for not being amongst the dead. We have avoided death until the next terror incident. So what can we do – Ask questions, Hold leaders responsible, and Demand accountability, and Usher in change.