Pakistan [politicians] is doing what it does best again — giving contradictory statements. While their foreign minister, Mr. Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri has been talking peace with our own Naïve Nutwar, Volte-face Musharraf is blowing his favorite Kashmir trumpet. Governments change with alarming regularity on both sides of the border but unfortunately the war of words and occasional bullets continue relentlessly. Just to find some common ground, exchange of artistes and goods happen sporadically but after perfunctory talk of brotherhood and common past, everything goes downhill as soon as the K word is mentioned. Hundreds of thoughts have been expressed in the national press and local dhabas but either they just drag on forever without any sign of peace or just border on vitriolic bashing.

Has ever an academic study been undertaken to analyze the political economy of the Kashmir region and understand the festering turmoil? Or will at least effort to understand it at a systemic level help? Can another community (bloggers?) do any different? Is it really a people’s movement as our neighbors like to paint it as, or simply the tantrum demands of a frustrated economy, dealing with fundamentalism? Pakistan clearly doesn’t have global presence if Kashmir and the latest “limited” cooperation on the war of terror are ignored. It needs the Kashmir issue unresolved more than India does. The solution of the issue is not clearly anticipated because if it is resolved, Pakistan will not have a bone to pick with India. What would they fight about next? Hyderabad and Junagarh? Not surprisingly, the ludicrous demands were expressed by a certain jihadi who have clearly off his rocker. India clearly has long accepted the sovereignty of Pakistan and why would India want to inherit a fundamentalist Muslim demographic, as Pakistan like to think is totally beyond me. We already have enough “minority oppression” issues to deal with and communal riots are not a thing of the past yet. India too will not have a foreign hand to blame for every minor disturbance in its metros. Did you know that it is mandatory for every district headquarter to store riot-control gear? So much for simple democratic protesting. Why would Pakistan sponsor communal riots in far-flung districts like Gadchiroli, Maharashtra?

Pakistan wants Kashmir and India considers it as an integral part of its Union. Clearly this is an irresolvable issue, if both the countries stick to their guns (literally). Is a middle ground not possible? Pakistan already sits pretty over one-third of Kashmir after generously gifting China another third. India has the remainder. Isn’t this an ideal solution?

Convert LOC into an international border, everyone gets their share of the pie and let us move on. If Kashmiryiat wants an independent nation, let us annex the paradoxically incorrect “Azad Kashmir” and begin afresh. Or let Pakistan declare the Azad Kashmir as an independent nation, let them compete in the Olympics under a different flag and convince India that they indeed have Kashmiri interests at heart. India can seriously then consider open up the talks with Kashmir with Pakistan as an observer. Kill any more innocent villagers or school children, the entire deal is off. If Musharraf pleads innocence and says that he has no control over the rogue Islamists; let him go back to his own backyard and correct that first. You cannot rule over a country and wash off blame for your countrymen’s actions.

I have nothing against Pakistanis. I haven’t met many but I am sure they are good folks but their government is an ass. I am sure they have the same thing to say about us.

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