If you live outside the U.S., you cannot watch Hulu or other online streaming television shows. This is partly due to advertisers’ reluctance to pay the networks for foreign viewers although the products advertised may be available outside the U.S. too. This leads to the networks into thinking that if they can’t make a buck of you then they won’t show it to you. Fortunately, for the technologically savvy, use of proxies has always been a blessing and so has availability of several sites like Ninja Video that host streaming content. For others less able, it has always been a hassle to keep up with the latest feeds. Making it easier, the latest in watching TV online is TVGorge [via]

TVGorge does nothing different from other sites that offer online streaming content but only uses an indexing engine to scan and organize the online content with episode guides. It is also easier to find the next episode or season when you are done with one. Obviously, this site may not be legal and might be taken down soon so enjoy it while it lasts. The latest season of Dexter is available now.