No matter how many sacrifices you make to Lady Death, no matter how rich the offerings you lay before her altar, she will know where to find you. When she comes, she will hold you tight, and she will never let you go. Don’t be frightened. She takes us all.

[Source: Los Angeles magazine] Nominated for 2011 National Magazine Awards, this (long) article is an excellent narrative on what actually happens after you die…on Earth. Nope, it doesn’t mention the bright light at the end of the tunnel and you are unlikely to know about the process once you are dead. Grim at times, the author doesn’t shy away from making you acquainted with some brutal and often morbid realities. Not everyone is lucky enough to die in their sleep and not everyone dies with people that love them around them. At the core, our biggest fear is that no one will miss us when we are gone. Unfortunately, for many people it comes true.

And yes, in spite of the fact that the article was based in Los Angeles and deals with mortuaries and undertakers, the author must be commended for not once mentioning ‘Six Feet Under’. Until I read this article, my only understanding of what might happen to my mortal remains came from that TV show.