Instagram 2.0 review: Insta-grumble:

Across the board distinctive elements of each filter have been compromised. Filters that were washed out are now more contrasty. Filters that were contrasty are now more washed out. They’ve all drifted towards the same look.

Instagram said that all the filters have been completely re-written to work with the new live preview system and to output far higher resolution images, and it seems to me the re-writes just haven’t nailed the original look. I have a feeling this may be for technical reasons, that the new engine for live preview just can’t support certain features like textures.


Instagram is one of the apps that I use most of the time on my iPhone, apart from the regular Mail, Twitter, and Facebook. I love the ease by which you can take neat photos and share it instantly with your network. The filters available are just right and although there are plenty available, I used only a handful, frequently depending upon the mood and context. Heck, I even share all my Instagram pics on my Facebook account; most often get ‘liked’ by multiple people.

If the above linked review is accurate, then it is indeed unfortunate. The vast difference between the filters is what makes choosing between them so much fun (have never used Poprocket so am not sad it got cut but have seen others use it). If all your photos look the same, as the new updates does, why wouldn’t you rather use the built-in camera app or other generic apps? I hope the folks at Instagram aren’t compromising on its unique arty factor in lieu of unnecessary convenience. The app might get more popular but it will lose the crazy (hipster?)fan following it currently enjoys (guess you can see the need for getting more funding take precedence). On the upside, the quality of photos is definitely much better now so you don’t lose detail in which otherwise are just crappy cellphone pictures.

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