The “Android” Nook won’t run the Kindle app, because Barnes & Noble doesn’t allow it.

The “Android” Kindle Fire doesn’t offer Gmail or Twitter, along with other apps, because Amazon doesn’t allow it.

Hulu Plus is available for Android, but not for Android-based Google TV, because Hulu doesn’t allow it to work there.

The Nexus S for Sprint, which is perfectly capable of working on Sprint’s pay-by-the-month Boost Mobile sister-company, can’t work there because Sprint doesn’t allow it.

My Droid Charge Verizon LTE phone can’t run Android 4 now, and perhaps never, because Samsung hasn’t said anything about it.

[Source: For Consumers, Android Is More “Clopen” Than Open]

So much for “open”, huh? This article was too awesome to not share. Yup, it is about the perennial iOS-Android battles. I couldn’t care less what you use (why?) but if you asked for my opinion, you know what I’ll recommend. This article perfectly describes why I stay away from Android. Because it is, as Mr.Gump’s momma said, like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’ll get.