One of my guilty pleasures is reworking my workspace. I like to constantly keep changing it to make it more accessible and utilitarian for my current needs. Although I rarely ‘work’ from home these days and gone are the days, I would slave over documents, spreadsheets, and statistics programs after class at home. Most of my work is restricted now to editing photos and videos, something that I enjoy a lot. Chetan’s workspace post made me want to share my latest version so here it is:

Workspace New Desat

It is a desaturated photo for visibility sake. It is annotated with notes to point out different elements; not that there are many. I ditched the 22″ external monitor to maintain focus on the task at hand instead of being distracted by multiple open windows. Here is a more natural one; it is a small room so getting a photo of the space is difficult and the yellow walls throw the white balance off. One thing I hate about my study is something I can’t do much about – the lack of natural light. For now, I bought these two lamps that sufficiently and uniformly illuminate the room without causing much glare. The lack of natural light is the main reason I’m continually trying to see I can move elsewhere in the house but Ruan’s stuff has virtually taken over the house and this is the only space that I can truly call my own. Perhaps in our next home, I can place priority on the location of the study higher.

Update: Featured on Simple Desks.

Here are some of my previous study areas in different homes:


A previous iteration of the same space.

Home Office

From our previous rental house. Featured on Apartment Therapy (thanks to SqrlNT for digging up the link).

Revised Workspace

From our rental apartment.