Election maps

Source: Election maps.

So Obama won…again. The United States map weighted by electoral votes held by each state show the extent of his victory. Although marginally less than his 2008 victory, it was more significant because he was re-elected in a period of economic downturn albeit recovering slowly and he no longer enjoyed the historic benefit of being the first African-American president.

There have been reams written on why Romney lost which incidentally are directly proportional to reams written on why he wouldn’t lose. For a change, math won; as it always does. Primarily because Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight used probabilistic measures with hajjar polls as inputs and various other variables as controlling factors. It was surreal to see how even on election night political pundits kept denying the inevitable outcome. But it was fun reading Nate Silver’s blog (I’m halfway through his excellent book) during the election in lieu of crappy election analysis that pervades most election reporting. Although I dare not admit it (oops!), I’m going to miss it.