Sridevi’s mother came to America for medical treatment; so did almost all of the Bollywood’s ailing. It was almost a fad some years back to profess that you have to fly to America for your treatment where in fact, chances of an Indian treating you in America are not too different from medical treatment in India. Recent developments have seen amazingly hi-tech hospitals being built and professionally run in almost all major Indian cities. But the trend is reversing, wealthy foreign patients are making their way toward India — for a $8000 bypass operation that would otherwise cost them a whopping $25,000 [via Washington Monthly].

A study by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and McKinsey consultants estimated "medical tourism" could be worth 100bn rupees (£1.21bn) by 2012. Last year some 150,000 foreigners visited India for treatment, with the number rising by 15% a year, says Zakariah Ahmed, an analyst who helped compile the report.

….A number of private hospitals also offer packages designed to attract wealthy foreign patients, with airport-to-hospital bed car service, in-room internet access and private chefs. Another trend is to combine surgery in India with a yoga holiday or trip to the Taj Mahal [Source: The Guardian]

Now will Indian Tourism have a picture of Apollo Hospitals on their colorful brochures next to the large-moustached Rajasthani and the Taj Mahal? Heck, as Kevin suggests, America can solve its Medicare woes in one swift move by merely flying patients down to India (and also revive the airline industry while they are at it).