Finally a place to stick your chewing gum. Will Singapore now allow chewing gum?

Fear not, New Orleans even if Bush won’t help you, India is on the case.

A Playboy Playmate is launching a line of kids clothing for larger kids. Not obese kids, mind you but those afflicted with septo-optic dysplasia which results in blindness and, apparently, makes kids grow larger than normal. Don’t ogle at the mom with noble intentions :)

Google is taking Adsense offline now

How would Bush react if Katrina was a terrorist hurricane?

A right-out-there solution to prevent future floods in New Orleans by bringing it up and above sea level. Feasible?

Make microwavable popcorn without a microwave.

Kanye West’s outburst on NBC becomes a tshirt logo now.

Kodak developed the digital camera way back in 1975 and then held back the technology for decades to reap profits from its film market.

Leave the penguins alone please. Let them march without having to declare whether they are liberal or conservative.

In case you need to, how to vanish in America without a trace [via]