NBC Fail

NBC Fail

[source] The perfect new logo for NBC after its fracas with Conan O’Brien. Conan’s last Tonight Show airs tonight. Here’s hoping he finds a home on another network (Fox?). And yes, Jay Leno, the oh-so-unfunny erstwhile host of The Tonight Show sucks.

What does China censor


[source and via].The list of words and websites that China allegedly censors or blocks on it’s version of the Internet. Ironically “news blackout” is censored too.

A Flag for the World


[Source: The Flag Of Pure Bliss; via] An average of all the world’s countries’ flags weighted by population. Obviously, the big yellow star of China and the blue dharma chakra of India dominate. Cool mashup.

Worsening Unemployment Map

Although the Dow might be creeping up, the rate unemployment is getting worse indicating the much-talked about gap between Wall Street and Main Street. This time-lapse map showing the worsening conditions across the nation is scary. Although joblessness claims are declining, that may indicate people giving up on looking for a job and trying to ride out the recession incurring debt in the process. No ideas yet on the turnaround mark.

Interstate Highway System in form of Subway Map

Although I believe in Charles Kuralt’s words that “thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything”, the highway system in the U.S. is pretty darn efficient and is primarily responsible for keeping costs low for consumers. It may be the single-best investment by the government although it had several sociological impacts on the form of the city. The beauty of the interstate system is that it is simple as envisioned by Sensex Prime in the style of H.C. Beck’s London Underground Diagram (via Kottke). It however doesn’t include the ring roads around each major city that are numbered in a three-digit code with the last two-digits marking the highway it splits. Did you also know that odd-numbered interstate highways go north-south and even-numbered go east-west? There is order in what may seem like chaos.

A Kid’s NYC Subway Map

If you are a kid in NYC and love taking the subway, then this map is always going to be in your pocket [via].

The World of 100

Tobt Ng’s World of 100 takes percentages on a variety of topics to a whole new level with the help of cool graphics.

Graphic Reviews for Graphic Books

Graphic books deserve graphic reviews, right? Alison Bechdel does exactly that for Jane Vandenburgh’s A Pocket History of Sex in the Twentieth Century in the New York Times [via].

Fun with Pie Charts

American Pie made some obvious weird uses of America’s favorite food but pie charts can be much more fun.

Ownership in Car Industry

With joint ventures and sharing of manufacturer lines and shareholders, the question of who owns who gets increasingly blurry. Take a look at this chart of the automobile industry.

Card Industry Ownership

Map of the Blogosphere

map of the blogosphereI first came across this image in Discover Magazine [click to enlarge]. The blogosphere has been attempted to be mapped several times but tying it to geographic boundaries often belies its global roots. Just because you are an Indian doesn’t necessarily mean you read only Indian blogs, right? This image is based on links between blogs which is largely how the blogosphere works. The light blue lines show one-way links whereas the dark blue lines show two-way or reciprocal links.

If you read a particular blog more often than others, you are more likely to link to it. Of course, Indian blogs may link more often to other Indian blogs but that is not merely because of the regional aspect but mostly due to the topical relevance. Many Indian tech bloggers are widely read and linked to by other notable international tech bloggers.

The interesting thing about this image is the way in which it segregates blogging communities. The Livejournal Community which is very vibrant but insular is shown on the top right. There are plenty of intra-community links but hardly any links going out or to the community from other parts of the blogosphere. If you know anything about Live Journal, you know that is absolutely true. The other isolated communities are sports blogs (on the right) and pronography-related communites (on the left) with very few inbound links but some outbound links. The huge blob of dark blue in the center is a closely-knit community of political bloggers who rave and rant on current affairs and often link to each other for support.

Check out the article to read more details on the image.

Pi in Pixels

This is what you get if you assign a colored pixel to each decimal value of pi [source]. No real pattern; just random noise or is it?

World Happiness

Ever since Bhutan quantified Gross National Happiness, people around the world have evinced an interest in raising their happiness levels instead of wealth levels. Of course, increasing your wealth still remains popular and one of man’s favorite activities. UK ‘analytic social psychologist’ Adrian White at University of Leichester has mapped the world map of happiness:


The more red the countries are, the more happy they seem to consider themselves [click on the map for a closer look]. As you can see, North America and the Scandanavian countries seem to be pretty chirpy; so does Australia down under. China is relatively happier than India but I guess with more economic growth, we’ll get there. Strangely autocratic or democratic rule doesn’t seem to make any difference as Saudi Arabia seems to be as happy as Spain, Mexico, Germany, and Argentina but maybe not as happy as their neighbors to the east. A little quirky observation, Ireland seems to be more content than England. Better to have not played instead of played and lost, eh? World Cup-wise I mean.Any other earth-shattering conjectures you like to add?