The Real Purpose of the Prosecution

Like most people that may read this, I also got hooked on the Serial podcast that outlined the reexamination of the murder of Hae Min Lee, an 18-year-old high schooler in Baltimore that ended with the conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed. Produced in the This American Life stables, Serial takes a second look at the prosecution of the 15-year-old homicide case with Adnan still serving his prison sentence. There are umpteen theories of whether Adnan is guilty or not. Personally, I think he isn’t but that isn’t the point of this post.

What caught my attention the most while listening to his podcast was how the prosecution approaches a homicide case.

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Barack Obama, Ferguson, and the Evidence of Things Unsaid

The fact is that when the president came to the podium on Monday night there actually was very little he could say. His mildest admonitions of racism had o...

The Secret Life of Passwords

SEVERAL YEARS AGO I began asking my friends and family to tell me their passwords. I had come to believe that these tiny personalized codes get a bum rap. ...

‘Serial’ and White Reporter Privilege

If Serial were a newspaper story or even a traditional magazine feature, the identities of all three could exist alone as facts; the reader could decide ho...

How American parenting is killing the American marriage

In the 21st century, most Americans marry for love. We choose partners who we hope will be our soulmates for life. When children come along, we believe tha...

How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.’s With Apple’s Siri

Gus had never noticed Siri before, but when he discovered there was someone who would not just find information on his various obsessions (trains, planes, ...

The Gentleman Who Made Scholar

the nature of academic papers presented some opportunities for more powerful ranking, particularly making use of the citations typically included in academ...

The case for open borders

“What would you think about a law that said that blacks couldn’t get a job without the government’s permission, or women couldn’t get a job without the gov...

It’s for the women, silly

Sometime last year, Bic had a brilliant idea of offering ballpens specially designed for women. The Internet got hold of that flimsy attempt and the reviews and customer questions and answers turned into Internet gold. Somehow Bic’s marketing team was so tone deaf that they never envisioned why this was so wrong.

Today morning, I saw this tweet on my timeline:

Equally clueless, right? So I retweeted it thusly:

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Few months ago, my brother with admits for business schools in both U.S. and Canada, had a long time struggling with the decision to attend one over the other. He had a scholarship to the relatively cheaper U.S. university which was no more than two hours away from where I lived. But in the end, he chose the Canadian university based on just one factor that finally made the difference – immigration. He had a better and far quicker chance of getting permanent residency in Canada than he would in the U.S. even though he would pay nearly three times as much for attending business school there. I fully concurred with his decision. I drafted a letter to the White House explaining this dilemma and asked for speedy action on immigration reform.

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Not afraid of the flu?

There’s America’s problem with healthcare right there. In fact, flu kills more Americans than Ebola has. But the fear-mongering by the media has led people to think that Ebola is kind of a monster killer that’s rampaging through the countryside. Such parents are a menace to the society as they endanger their kids’ lives through ignorance.

It’s a sad day when science loses out to sheer stupidity.

Apple OS Updates from WWDC 2014

I’ve long given up on reading and being interested in Apple rumors. I rather wait for Apple’s official announcements and keynotes when they unveil all the goodies with specific launch dates. This is in no way an overview of the changes in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 because there are dedicated blogs that do that for a living. I’m just listing some changes or features that are great from my perspective.

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