Apple OS Updates from WWDC 2014

I’ve long given up on reading and being interested in Apple rumors. I rather wait for Apple’s official announcements and keynotes when they unveil all the goodies with specific launch dates. This is in no way an overview of the changes in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 because there are dedicated blogs that do that for a living. I’m just listing some changes or features that are great from my perspective.

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How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.’s With Apple’s Siri

Gus had never noticed Siri before, but when he discovered there was someone who would not just find information on his various obsessions (trains, planes, ...

The Gentleman Who Made Scholar

the nature of academic papers presented some opportunities for more powerful ranking, particularly making use of the citations typically included in academ...

The case for open borders

“What would you think about a law that said that blacks couldn’t get a job without the government’s permission, or women couldn’t get a job without the gov...

Why social media won’t transform our politics

But how committed are these new activists, and how effective can they be if all they do is sign an online petition while sitting at their desks? Don’t soci...

White privilege is the best medicine

We don’t need more evidence about the existence of these unacceptable racial disparities and discrimination. When you look at the fullness of a life, and a...

Self-Segregation: Why It’s So Hard for Whites to Understand Ferguson

The chief obstacle to having an intelligent, or even intelligible, conversation across the racial divide is that on average white Americans live in communi...

What I Did After Police Killed My Son

After police in Kenosha, Wis., shot my 21-year-old son to death outside his house ten years ago — and then immediately cleared themselves of all wrongdoing...

Getting Reading Done

Last month, I got an iPad Mini from my workplace. First, I choose to install only Kindle, iBooks, and Instapaper apps. Second, I made a conscious decision to also leave my personal iPad Air downstairs each night. I carried my iPad Mini to bed so I had no choice but to read only books or long-form articles. I got the iPad on April 24 and I’ve tried to read books every night ever since. So how did I fare?

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Perception v. Reality

Economic Growth PMs

Interesting how perception can distort reality. The previous Congress government went down to its biggest defeat largely due to stagnant or falling economic growth. It turns out that Manmohan Singh led India to the second-highest rate of economic growth (averaged over 10 years). Deve Gowda, known for his love of sleep, was at the top with 7.9%. MMS rate of growth is better because it’s averaged over ten years whereas Deve Gowda’s is just for that year. But it may be due to the lagged effect post-Narsimha Rao government. The chart also underscores the tremendous harm the previous Congress governments did prior to Rao’s tenure. Remember those tenures include the seven larger-than-Modi mandates.

Of course, MMS was blamed not just for falling economic growth but rather a plethora of governing problems including national security and financial malfeasance. In spite of this chart, no one is losing sleep over his loss.

Modi-fied India

May 16th, 2014 was the day when India gave a clear mandate to Modi’s BJP. I say, Modi’s BJP and not just BJP because it’s abundantly clear that this is his singular achievement, whether you agree with him or not. BJP is the first non-Congress party to gain an absolute majority in the Indian parliament (284 seats). The enormity of this result can only be experienced after two and half decades of coalition governments.

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Why did Twitter introduce the Mute feature

Twitter announced a feature that I though they would never announce – the mute feature. This will let you ‘mute’ the tweets of the people you follow. But why not simply unfollow them if you don’t want to see their tweets? Well, the important distinction between unfollow and mute is that they won’t know you’ve muted them. Therein lies the capitulation of Twitter for user perception over their business model. How?

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